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NHS references!

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Cheeka Tue 23-Aug-16 22:14:46

Help! I'm currently applying to the NHS for an admin position. I need to provide 2 references from 2 previous employers. I left the company in 2011 (who i had been with since 2003) due to voluntary redundancy and it also coincided with the birth of my first child. I haven't worked since then. Most of my colleagues left with me (entire dept shipped out of London)

I have a huge number of professional ex colleagues from my last company to approach but not so much the employer before that. I left that other company in 2003, a good 13 years ago and it's been bought out so I'd be v surprised if im still on their system.
the form seemed very explicit in asking for personal references (ie they want more than just number of sick days etc etc) BUT in a work context, can I just fudge it by putting down my last two bosses (from 2 different teams within the same company, both have left though)

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