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Stretch goals for senior role - any partners/MDs who can give me some advice?

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sparechange Mon 15-Aug-16 13:41:12

I work for a large partnership, in a 'non-core' role - think lawyer in an accountancy firm/accountant in a law firm - and have asked my immediate boss (not a partner) for feedback and guidance on my career track for the medium-term.
The partners I work with are in the 'core' business, so their track would be different to mine and they can't really give me much useful advice, so I'm stuck with my boss's advice for now!

One of the things he has flagged up is that he wants me to take on more 'external' roles - trusteeships and NEDs - as he thinks this will reflect well on me for senior roles and eventually partner should I want to go that far.

My concern is two-fold:
This seems like a slightly leftfield and not something I've heard others doing. I've always like the idea of a few token NEDS to see me into retirement (only half joking!) but I'm not sure I have the time or experience to be doing now. I'm also worried about unsuccessfully applying for lots, and this getting back to work and being seen more negatively than not applying for any in the first place.
And the second issue is time. I'm already a trustee of a small charity, and it takes up a LOT of time. I don't begrudge it because it is a cause close to my heart, but it seems totally unrealistic that I'm required to have a string of these, on top of an increasingly difficult job.

Can anyone offer any advice on this? I'm not fiercely set on making partner, but also don't want to sell myself short over the next 15 years and end up coasting. I'd rather find a work/life balance pay off which allows a bit of compromise on both sides

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