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Being expected to do work which is too senior for me.......

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Beaniebeemer Sun 07-Aug-16 18:46:13

Just that really. One of my bosses is expecting me to take on some work which is much too senior for my abilities. This worked used to be carried out by someone who was qualified who has now left and not be replaced. I have not got the first idea how to do the work in question. I'm an administrator and this is accountancy work.

I have in the last few months being trying to up my hours to work another day. I currently work two days and I want to do three. If I do take on this work I can't see them changing their mind on my hours they will just expect me to cram it in where I can. I have worked for the business for 10 years - 16 in the industry.

daisychain01 Mon 08-Aug-16 16:49:46

Have you met with your line manager about the accountancy work? Do they realise you just ain't qualified or able to do it?

Have you checked your job description?

EBearhug Thu 11-Aug-16 08:50:43

It would be great experience - have you asked for training to enable you to be able to do it? Either way, you need to talk to your manager about it, but before you do, think about whether you could use it to your advantage at all, by asking for training. If you get that and can then do the work, you might be in a position to ask for a payrise/promotion, because you'll have proved you can do more senior work. But if they won't offer you support, you need to make it clear you're unable to do the work, because you don't know how.

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