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May have choice between 2 employers, Cant decide!

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chocdonutyy Sat 06-Aug-16 09:06:15

So I've been with my current (Large supermarket) employer for almost 5 years and in the current department for 7 months.
I'm not enjoying where I work at the moment, it's the work rather than the team so its fine as a stopgap.
I have an interview for another department but as a supervisor next week, I'm just unsure about it, pretty sure I have got the role as there are 2 vacancies and as far as I know just myself and one other has applied but still have to go for interview. I've only assisted in that dept so being a supervisor to those who have been there many years is daunting!
The pay will be better, a bonus but hours aren't great.
I have also had an interview for the local dunelm, which actually seems a better place to work, pay is the same as what I'm on and hours are better, benefits for both are pretty similar. I will lose the supermarket discount but by not being there so much I wont spend as much hopefully anyway!

There's no guarantee of either job but if I get the chance of both I really don't know which I'll choose. head says stay in the supermarket and heart the other. I think part of my problem is liking change, I never like things to stay the same!
Anyone else been through similar?

VioletBam Sat 06-Aug-16 09:13:21

The job within your current place of work could have been advertised out of the department so they could well be a number of other applicants.

Is the job in Dunhelm also a supervisory position?

chocdonutyy Sat 06-Aug-16 10:31:55

No, not supervisory but there's a chance it could lead to that.
I know it's just the two of us as I have spoken to my current and the new dept managers and it is just the two of us.
I'll be going to the interview and see what they say and what exactly the role involves and go from there.

VioletBam Sat 06-Aug-16 12:11:06

I think the job in Dunhelm would be a sideways move...the supervisory position is a step up and that's always to be grabbed with both hands surely.

DoreenLethal Sat 06-Aug-16 12:15:43

Until you have offers, you don't have anything so just wait and see.

chocdonutyy Sat 13-Aug-16 20:56:23

OK so the supervisor job interview has been cancelled for at least 2 weeks, was hoping to have the details of that before I could decide about dunelm 😕
I do know that it will be not so great hours though. 3 out of 4 Saturdays (9hrs) and 2 out of 4 Sundaysl (9hrs)Not ideal when I'm a single mum as dd stays at home ( she turned 14 this week) I guess she's at that age where she is capable being alone but doesn't enjoy it all the time and I'm not sure it's fair on her. Hopefully it'll all work out in the end as I've yet to receive an offer lol!

Dozer Sat 13-Aug-16 21:00:05

Promotion might still win out IMO. The working hours/days at Dunelm might not be as stated in the ad (retailers can be bad about this). Also remember that if you change employers you have poorer employment rights, eg no unfair dismissal rights for 2 years.

Dozer Sat 13-Aug-16 21:00:30

If offered the supervisor role could you negotiate over the weekends?

chocdonutyy Sun 14-Aug-16 07:49:51

I get the dunelm reply this week, I have been told one weekend shift and an evening, which is fine, the shifts wont be as long or as late and I've requested a minimum number of hours as there's no point going for it if i'm doing the same or less than my current job.
I've been told the supervisors role is always going to be weekends at least until someone else leaves. There's also early starts, which for many doesn't suit but tbh I prefer them!

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