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Dysfunctional workplace, pls help

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skatesection Wed 03-Aug-16 13:29:50

I need help letting go, please advise:-

I am working in a country which should be on paper a ‘workers’ paradise’ but in an international school, so the governors and management think they can disregard our rights and treat us like the proverbial because we are just foreigners and cannot go anywhere else.

(I am one of the people who cannot go anywhere else. If I find anything, I am out of there but right now, I'm stuck. Plus I'm preggo so I'm double stuck right now)

With yet another change in management, the long running incompetence has become obvious to the parents and, in addition to treating us poorly, they cannot balance a budget. I think we are circling the drain. Sometimes this realisation is helpful and sometimes it isn't.

I have been trying to help the school improve but I need to wind it down. You can only clench your fists for so long and they don't want my help. I have scaled back my involvement to the point that the school has started feeling like they can fuck us around even more.

We started back on Monday and yesterday (Tuesday), my boss yelled at me for discussing work life balance at my working hours meeting. He was ranting and raving about "I thought you were BRITISH" or something.
I told him that if he wanted to continue speaking to me, he needed to stop shouting. He lowered his voice but it was still a fraught meeting.

I told a mate what happened and she pointed at my tummy and said I needed to stay calm for the ~BABY~. Another mate pointed out that given the shit I have already gone through at this school throughout fertility treatment and early pregnancy, getting a little bit cross now won't hurt. Oh, I don't know. I don't want to bottle my feelings up, I just want to stop giving a shit so that I don't have feelings to bottle.

Every time I think I've figured out not caring about bad management, while still caring about my classes, they drag me back in.

How do I stop giving a fuck? Is there a coping strategy I am not seeing?

daisychain01 Wed 03-Aug-16 16:13:28

Not sure there is a right or wrong here. Maybe think about your future plans with your new baby by which time all this crap will be off your radar.

Are you going back after the baby is born? If not, even more reason not to give a shiny shit about how they are treating you?

skatesection Wed 03-Aug-16 16:41:15

I'll be back once the baby is here but it'll be a year later. The school might not still be standing at that point, so I probably should start letting go in preparation for that.

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