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How do you do it?

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rogl Sun 31-Jul-16 17:42:32

This is my first post and I would like some advice onWWYD?

I'm married both me and my husband work, he does 60 hour weeks on MW and I work three nights a week for just over MW. Currently we have no childcare costs but I do put DS1 in nursery 6 hours a week to socialise.
Dh work will now be changing (nothing we can do about it) meaning I won't be able to do my job. He will be coming home at 11.30pm and I need to be in work for 10.45 pm and no one is here to watch ds. (He's two and will be in bed). So I have been looking at new jobs, preferably full time to make the most of money. I've worked out that I would be £400 worse off a month going back FT after childcare costs.
I've been trying to apply for jobs that are more than MW but I haven't got any real qualifications. I don't have a degree my highest education is a diploma. I'd love to get a degree but the nearest university to me is 2 hours away and I can't afford to do distance learning.
We don't own a house we have hardly any money (never get to the end of the month with even a fiver in the bank) and I just feel in a rut! My confidence is on the floor and I need to pick myself up and focus towards something. Any suggestions or advice or even stories of how people have managed to pursue a career in my position would be great and would restore much needed hope smile

BITCAT Mon 01-Aug-16 00:18:58

Can you get any help with childcare costs? Have you looked into tax credits. I would have thought at mw you would be able to get help. I'm not an expert but might be worth looking at. Can you do an open university course? Speak to someone at the local college in the careers department they may be able to advice.

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