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Job Interview - NHS Library Assistant

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Sweetpea15 Tue 26-Jul-16 17:17:14


So I'm a recent MA graduate (Jan) in English Literature and I've got an interview with the NHS as a Library Assistant. I currently have a job but it's in retail and a more of a student type job IYSWIM, whereas this could be an amazing opportunity for me.

The more I'm researching the more I'm starting to worry. A few sites have mentioned typing tests - but I'm not sure if that's just admin. Others have mentioned key words and being assigned points for mentioning them. I also can't find my GCSE certificates, will I actually need them? I have my A level ones and my degree ones but my mother has lost my GCSE ones.

Has anyone else interviewed for this role before? Any tips or advice?

annandale Tue 26-Jul-16 17:23:27

Right, don't worry.

Can you actually type? They may ask for a test but it's more likely for admin. I would have thought they want accuracy for a library assistant over speed.

The key thing with an NHS interview is just to keep talking. Whenever they ask you a question, just come up with a relevant example from previous work, degree or whatever, and explain how that shows how good you are/what you learned from it. Keep talking and coming up with more examples until you get strong signals that you've said enough or until you really have run out of things to say! They will be looking to tick off certain things that you need to have for the job but won't mark you down for talking a lot unless what you say is completely irrelevant.

Go through the person spec again before the interview to make sure you are talking about the kinds of qualities they are looking for. Examples you might want to think about are times when you have worked in a team, times you have faced a difficult person, times you have had to prioritise tasks due to pressure of work. In the NHS there is usually some sort of question requiring you to say 'and that is where I would ask for help and refer to my manager' and often one where the issue is patient confidentiality. Not rocket science, you obviously don't say 'and I would have a chat with my mates or post a question on Facebook to sort out the problem'.

dylsmimi Tue 26-Jul-16 17:27:28

I'm sure degree and a level certificates should be ok.
annas post above covers most things I would just add to try to think of a couple of different examples to answer question with. So not just experience from one moment in time. It really helps
Also the main thing is that u less you specifically say it they can't score you for it - even if it is on your cv or you said it in a previous question. So make sure you are clear how you are answering the question
Good luck

Sweetpea15 Tue 26-Jul-16 17:42:37

Thank you!
I can type but I've never tested how fast or anything like that.
I'm a bit OCD with preparation so I've already got a list of scenarios and situations from previous interviews in October last year so I'll just update that. I've also printed out the job spec and the person spec.

I think I'm just worried because I want this job so much and I don't have the necessary ICT qualification they originally asked for. But I did email making an enquiry about the post and they said my practical experience would make it worth applying. So now I'm overthinking everything! Hahhaaa! smile

JenniferYellowHat1980 Fri 29-Jul-16 22:10:04

Re the certificates, if they're essential criteria on the person spec you'll need them. You can get replacements I believe.

EBearhug Fri 29-Jul-16 23:49:23

When I worked in libraries, I was asked for my degree certificate but nothing previous.

Practice typing before the interview (I'm sure there will be online typing tests). When I worked in a medical library, I spent my life correcting every word ending in -al: medical, biological, physical, chemical, virological, haemotological, parasitological, bacteriological, oncological, radiological... every other word you type ends in -al, and my right forefinger (which types L) is quite a bit stronger, and therefore faster, than my little left finger, which types A.

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