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Theatre Practitioner band 6

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OlafLovesAnna Mon 25-Jul-16 07:55:25

I've got an interview in a new trust for a band 6 role and having worked on the bank in the private sector for the last 3 years I'm not sure what to expect!

I interviewed about 4 months ago for a band 6 post in the same trust (but it was a research post so somewhat out of my normal area) and was unsuccessful but the feedback was that I should 'sell' myself more/better. I found that interview much more difficult than I would normally do as the panel were very much poker faced and I had no idea if I was rambling or not. I felt I didn't perform very well so would like to prepare better for this interview.

This is very much my normal workplace and I have a new band 5 role in the department and was interviewed by the same theatre manager. I wasn't encouraged to apply for the band 6 as such but did ask if the theatre manager would be happy for me to apply.

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