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Work and Housing Benefit

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Puzzedhelpplease Tue 19-Jul-16 16:47:54

I'm in a good job, but I still need housing benefit to pay the high rents, which I am sure a lot of us are in the same situation. :-(

However, a friend has offered a job for me which requires providing relief work for when people are sick, on holiday, etc. The chance to earn extra money is appealing.

He told me that it was going to be infrequent - maybe three hours at three or four times a year!

As I want to keep my hand in, I said I'd think about it as if I was a relief staff, I might be able to get on the regular staff rota if anyone leaves.

Which leads me on to housing I said before the hours are not regular - almost isolated one-off work opportunities. Where does this leave me when I declare the hours (which I will)? Are the HB folk going to think I have regular work?

Do I just send the payslips in and explain the situation?

Do bear in mind this ON TOP of my current, permanent job.

Part of me thinks it's too much hassle and I'd rather not do the work than pocket the money without reporting it.

Thoughts will be appreciated.

Puzzedhelpplease Tue 19-Jul-16 18:41:13

S'ok, found the solution. :-)

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