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How long do you give a job?

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autumn500 Tue 19-Jul-16 16:40:43

Hi there-I posted a few months ago when I started a new role as I was having jitters which I was putting down to being new.

I work in the public sector and got s promotion in April and started in May,it's quite a difficult job,a good jump from my previous role and so far the training hasn't been ideal so I'm still not really sure what I'm doing(it's mainly on the job training)

My big problem is that I have social anxiety and I think I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself-the job involves a lot of team discussion and my manager looking over my work-this is good in that it means nothing will go out that's completely wrong but as I always feel I am being judged,having people check my work is very anxiety inducing.

Another problem is the people-all really nice people,welcoming,not stand offish or anything,but ultimately not people I have anything in common with-what they talk about isn't really the sort of thing I know much about and as most people are concentrating on their work it can be very quiet and I don't want to start conversation when someone is concentrating.

I'm rambling because I'm finding it hard to express myself,but ultimately I want to know how long you give a job before admitting defeat and realising it's not for you? I fear once I get fully trained I will actually find the job incredibly boring and the fact that I feel completely out of my depth with my colleagues is really knocking my confidence in general. I have problems with depression and anxiety and have recently had to place my 61 year old mother into a care home so the past few months have felt really tough.

I feel like I'm stuck because although I work public sector and there are transfer opportunities,these all involve managing staff which I tried before and was hopeful at.

Please be gentle with me,I haven't expressed myself too well but I'm feeling incredibly anxious and sensitive at the minute and it is affecting my home life and relationship :-(

autumn500 Tue 19-Jul-16 16:43:02

Typos galore in that post as I was rambling-I was hopeless at managing staff not hopeful lol

I guess I'm feeling similar to that other thread where the poster has imposter syndrome-I just need some advice because work seems to be affecting my mood on days off/evenings and o hate that :-(

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