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Demotion - Not Fitting in.... Should I stay or go?

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SweetMummy911 Mon 18-Jul-16 11:15:19

Hello ladies

A bit of background. I'm a graduate with over 7 years experience in my field of expertise - I have worked for the same company since leaving university and I used to hold a senior position within the company. Since returning from maternity leave I found out on the day 1 the following:

- I have been demoted
- I now have the same job role/title as Junior staff but my reporting line is different (i.e. I report to head of department rather than Team Leader) to make me feel important
- No defined job, role or responsibilities.
- People were offered promotion and the possibility to move up whilst I was off on maternity leave, I never knew about it
- They offered voluntary redundancy in my department but I was never given the option or knew about it whilst on maternity leave

On a day to day I am left at my desk doing pretty much sweet FA until someone or something is needed which people cannot be bothered picking up. In the same breath they are introducing performance reviews to allow people to move up but how can I "prove my worth" if I'm not been valued enough to be given my own accounts and work to pursue??

I feel really down and beaten. There is the option to leave my company and start up somewhere else but my hubby and I are thinking about another baby. Confused - should I stay or go?

OllyBJolly Mon 18-Jul-16 18:25:08

Have you had an honest conversation with your line manager? Is it possible that you are reading too much into actions taken while you were on mat leave?

I would ask for a meeting. Tell the boss that you are being unproductive and you need clarity regarding your role and responsibilities.

In a lot of these situations, people aren't behaving with malicious intent, just thoughtlessly.

Dozer Mon 18-Jul-16 18:26:30

That sounds like sex discrimination. Have you talked to acas or read up online?

rookiemere Mon 18-Jul-16 18:26:45

Do you have a union that you can speak to as it must be illegal to demote you because you have been on maternity leave.

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