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In need of some advice

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LegallyE Sun 17-Jul-16 11:44:28

Hi ladies

Hope all is well! I am a newbie here smile

I am currently living overseas with my husband. We both have very demanding jobs and my husband also commutes 300km to his (150km there and back) six days a week.

The situation is far from ideal, however, we are saving a fair amount, as the jobs are well paid. We both want to start ttc but have got to decide if it's the right time to do so.

I know I want to leave my job eventually and move to a less demanding role in the same city as my husband. However, given the uncertain times we live in, I wonder if now is the right time or whether I should wait to conceive, deliver and then look at moving. I am conscious we need to save as much as possible before my going on maternity, but I am also miserable living here and not sure if I can pull through another 1.5 years here, or however long it takes to get pregnant and have a child. I am also a little worried it may be harder to change jobs with a child and I certainly wouldn't be able to secure a new job whilst pregnant.

Due to my line of work, I cannot really take time away from my career, so I have to qualify for maternity. This in turn means I have to wait another six months in a new job before we start ttc. I know there may be no rush to getting pregnant but I am 30 and my husband is 35, and we would really love to start our family.

It just is so frustrating when you have to make decisions such as these. How do you know what's the best thing to do? Quit my job, take on a new one and wait what may be another year before we start ttc, or stay where I am, put up with being miserable for another year or so and then move, provided we conceive soon and the baby is born next year? confused
What would you do?

Thank you smile

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