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Career Change - Hate new job now want to retrain.

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wantstoseetheworld Thu 14-Jul-16 19:54:34

I was previously in my old job for 16 years, I loved the people and the role to some extent. I have moved on as an opportunity came up which I thought I could do and there was a real threat my current employer would close.

So I find myself in a new role, 3 months in and its not what I expected. I am so board. The role is in a different area of the business than I expected, apparently this often happens with new recruits, they post you where they see fit with a vague job spec. While I can do the role, the area of the business has no interest to me, its just full of corporate speak and meetings with no real action. I come from an operations background being at the coal face and I have no interest in the background politics. When I attended the interview I was lead to believe it would be on the coal face.

The company i work for is very prestigious and it is hard to get a job, the flexible working is great and I am paid £29K a year to basically organise meetings and coordinate the collection of data. In my last role I was driving what data was collected and managing work at the coal face. he new role does not challenge me and I have to stay in it for 2 years min in the company before I can move department.

That has got me thinking, I want to do something else with one of my passions I see friends with their own businesses doing things they love. Food is one of mine. I would love to become a nutritionist but i can't see how. My partner is registered disabled and I am the bread winner, I need to pay the mortgage. How can i retrain and build a business while working full time. Its chicken and egg! I also have an idea for a foodie channel on youtube maybe making some money here.

BeatricePotter Fri 15-Jul-16 10:46:48

Start a blog?

I know someone who tried a second career (along the lines of cookery) but from what I saw wasn't all that great at it. She then decided to go back to original career but working for herself from home. Alongside that she started blogging about second industry. She has now carved out a very successful niche for herself and now totally given up first career. As far as I can see she is the only person doing what she does and her website is one of the hubs for that industry. I'm really impressed with what she's done as she has been reinventing herself along the way and has an amazing website/reputation.

Could you do something similar?

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