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Do I stay or do I go?

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TooStressyForMyOwnGood Thu 14-Jul-16 19:51:01

Hi all, I need to be vague or I will out myself. I work in a specialist field but have a professional qualification which is quite generic. I am pretty experienced (10+ years) in my field. I have what should be the perfect job, and it would be if it fitted in with my life. However, I am really struggling to manage the hours with two children to pick up from two breakfast and after school clubs. I am already part time. In addition, management are making changes which I will really struggle with in terms of hours I need to work and childcare opening times. I have put in a flexible working request but even if it is approved I will struggle with childcare (DH around but can only help once a month or so - no flaming please, my post is not to discuss equal parenting). No grandparents available to help.

There is a colleague who I get on brilliantly with. We are flirting with the idea of freelancing together. Freelance work is not uncommon in my field but I am feeling really unsure of taking the plunge. Has anyone ever done this? I know that logically I am possibly wrong to consider leaving a secure job but I do not think it will stay secure with the current management and with the current government (I am public sector). In addition if I could choose my hours I could use less childcare so would need to make less money to get by. DH main breadwinner but I need to bring in some money too.

Is working with a friend a terrible idea? I fear it is the kiss of death for a friendship and have personal experience of this in an unrelated field. Is this just something I have to weigh up for myself or does anyone have any advice?! Thanks

IceMaiden73 Fri 15-Jul-16 07:47:51

Are you allowed to do this under the terms of your contract?

Can you do it on your own or do you have to do it with a friend?

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Fri 15-Jul-16 09:26:17

Hello thanks for your reply. Should point out I am new to mumsnet and posted a shorter version of this in chat too then realised posting in two different places probably bad idea blush. Think you replied on my other thread.

No, I can do it on my own and in fact could freelance now on my own without breaching terms but might be in same position of struggling with the hours. I am seriously looking down that route too as the safer option though. In terms of setting up a business on my own, realistically no, too much kit to buy (friend already has some plus much more experience than me) and I would be delivering teaching sessions which are much easier with two trainers. My field is a small world and everyone I know who runs a business on their own buys in additional teaching help.

If I set up on my own then I would be breaching the terms yes, I would have to leave.

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Fri 15-Jul-16 10:16:55

Sorry, to clarify, I could set up on my own as long as I left my current employment. Not breaching any terms then. I think I could probably do it and stay in the job without breaching terms but it would be poor professional suicide as would be frowned upon so not an option really.

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