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To take the job or not

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36mum Wed 13-Jul-16 14:49:49

I moved to a new area 1 year ago. I had previously worked for a year as a lunchtime supervisor and put my name forward at my sons new school. After a few months they called on me because someone was ill and I agreed to work there on a as and when basis. The ill person left and they advertised the job, I applied and all went well. I didn't get the job. Nobody knew exactly who had got the job ( communication problems) but they couldn't start until they had worked their months notice. I was really disappointed to not get it and the head told me it was a 50/50 choice and if another job came up I could have it. I continued working every day and then the new person arrived. It was a mom who also has a child in my sons class. I suspect favouritism because I was new to the school. From that day 3 months ago the new person still blanks me and even when I try to talk to her I'm lucky to get a reply. She is fine with everyone else. I've found the atmosphere change completely since she arrived and I really can't work out why. I hold nothing against her. The senior member of staff has treated me differently and picked me up on something which I'm sure the new person had told her about. I'm almost paranoid. I have been offered a job permanently now as they feel another person is needed. I agreed to take it and apparently it doesn't start until September! I work there everyday now until they break up, it's not like I'm waiting for someone to leave, but I'm told I will get a contract in September. I don't think I will be getting the same hours as others. Communication is appalling, when I ask nobody knows anything. I feel I've been treated unfairly and I'm not sure whether to take the job in September.

Rosamund1 Wed 13-Jul-16 18:59:47

The advantages of working in your child's school are that you get to see them in another context, you get the same holiday as them and do not have to pay for someone else to look after your child while you are at work. Does that balance up against dealing with these 'mean girls'? Only you can decide.

Your job is to act as professionally and be cheerful and polite to everyone. Do not moan about the person you think is starting a movement against you . If you do not muddy the waters with 'he said, she said' it will soon become clear who is the hard working person and who is still stuck in high school.

Maybe find a similar job at another school so you still have the advantage of hours and holidays.

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