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Moving from permanent contract to fixed term contract while pregnant ?

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user1467969834 Fri 08-Jul-16 10:42:26

Hi there

Hoping someone can help give me some advice on this. I am in a bit of a complicated situation, whereby I resigned from my job, as my husband had been offered another job, but it fell through. My existing position has been replaced in that time. I am now in the process of rescinding my resignation. I work for a very large company and would like to stay with them and am considered to be a high performer, so they would like me to stay as well. I am 12 weeks pregnant after 2 miscarriages.

However, the likely role that is available is a maternity cover (fixed term contract). I haven't told anyone about the pregancy (as I want to sort the role first) but haven't yet formally accepted the role as there is another role which would be permanent (which may or may not be approved). So, a couple of questions, assuming I take the fixed term contract.

1) Given that I have worked at the company for eight years as a permanent employee, would I still be entitled to the ' additional maternity package' that they offer? Its is a really good package and you get paid half your salary for 39 weeks and we need it financially.

2) The maternity cover would run from August 2016 to August 2017. Once this time came to an end, would it mean that the 'additional maternity payments would cease? The maternity policy says that you don't qualify for additional pay when under 'notice of termination.' This is three months in my case. I assume this would mean that I would only be paid up until end of May c 25 weeks (if I start maternity two weeks before due date).

3) How would the company manage payment - would it be a bulk sum or would it just stop if they don't renew the contract or move me to a permanent headcount?

I am starting to feel quite stressed about this all now. Would be great to hear from someone who knows this area or has been in a similar situation.

Many thanks smile

flowery Fri 08-Jul-16 11:49:18

1. You need to look at the terms and conditions of the package. It would not be lawful for them to not offer it to people purely because they happen to be on a contract with an end date, but you would obviously need to be still employed to receive it and there may also be a 'must return to work for x time' clause.

2. Statutory maternity pay remains payable whether you are still employed or not, but obviously any enhanced maternity pay is not payable if you're no longer employed, and in you case, for three months before that also.

3. Don't know, again this is a matter for them. Most companies pay maternity pay 'as you go', so if the contract isn't renewed or there isn't a post for you when this contract ends, then enhanced maternity pay (not statutory maternity pay) would end.

As you've been employed so long, your employment technically is still permanent, but obviously that doesn't change the fact that the contract you'll be on will end. At that point if they are unable to renew that particular contract they will need to redeploy you to another suitable role, or, if there is nothing available, make you redundant.

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