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Manager want me to keep illness a secret

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Twatting Wed 06-Jul-16 07:26:45

Hey everyone, first time posting here.

I am not officially diagnosed yet but all the medics that are involved are suspecting a formal diagnosis by the months end.
I do not have a life threatening illness but it is pretty serious although wouldn't effect work except the odd day for appointments.

The thing is my manager does not want me to discuss or disclose this with any of the other team members. We aren't a big branch only a few members of staff. I'm not usually bothered by this but I've discovered there is another guy that o work with with the same diagnosis and I'd love to discuss it with him.

Is my manager in his right to tell me what personal issues I can and can't discuss with other staff?
If I spoke to the other guy anyway would I have a formal discipline?

Cheers mmetters!!

FuzzyOwl Wed 06-Jul-16 07:30:47

You couldn't be disciplined unless you were discussing it in work time when you are being paid to do your job. However, could it be possible that the other person isn't keen to talk about the illness and that is what your manager is trying to prevent happening?

KittyLaRoux Wed 06-Jul-16 07:36:46

What are the reasons your manager has given for you not discussing your illness?

Also you said you have discovered that a guy who works with you has the same illness. Did he tell you this or have you found out from another source?

insancerre Wed 06-Jul-16 07:41:37

Your manager can't tell you to keep your illness a secret
How did you find out about your colleague's illness? Has somebody been gossiping and maybe your manager is trying to protect you?

MeMySonAndl Wed 06-Jul-16 07:44:22

I think your manager knows something that you don't and is trying to make things easier for you, the other person with the same illness or both.

Twatting Wed 06-Jul-16 10:05:20

Well the other guy is pretty open about it and has told me himself.
I know the girl I replaced kept a life threatening illness a secret and it messes the company up for a short time but what I have is poles apart.

Thank you for reassuring me that I wouldn't be disciplined. There are a few questions the other guy could answer so I will be mentioning it to him on lunch.

Rosamund1 Tue 12-Jul-16 22:18:26

That sounds odd. Just tell the person * when you are on a break so you can't be disciplined for wasting company time***. If your boss asks why you disclosed you can just say 'I assumed you were joking because that is such a bizzare request.'

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