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Is this an unfair dismissal?

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AmandaMckinelly Mon 04-Jul-16 18:44:07

A few weeks ago I made an informal complaint to my manager because I was being bullied of two members of staff I heard nothing back from my informal complaint so decided to put it in as a formal complaint because my informal complaint lacked support and communication with my employers. I was asked to attend a probationary review (i have worker here five months two weeks) and have received a contract with a 6 month probation. With all the stress of my informal complaint I went to the doctors who gave me a sick note advising me to take a break because the stress of the workplace was causing me serious anxiety attacks (which I have had in work in the presence of management and supervisors) but whenever I told management about these problems I was told I can't go home and have to work through it or have to return to my work station. Upon arrival to my review I provided my employer with my sick note and letter explaining how I feel and how the way management handled my original complaint has caused me a lot of depression detailing that until this is resolved I can not work to the best of my abilitys because I am always paranoid and on edge in work that someone is taking my photo (the bully's in question regularly secretly took photos of me and shared them about) at the end of the meeting my employer told me he was terminating my contract on the grounds of not being suitable for my job role because on one day I had been absent from my work station a lot. This day was the week I first found out about the secret photos and the week the bullying took its full affect in work I was very on edge and paranoid every where I went I didn't feel comfortable and I was also being harassed by a customer who was following me asking for my number (all this information I enclosed)

Other things to add: the station I worked on had 3 other members of staff present.
Have heard nothing about my initial complaint about both girls.
In the past I have told supervisors and employers of my depression and have been flat out ignored.
In my probation review two months ago they rated me good and excellent with everything.

I just feel that since I have put my complaint in management have been scrutinising my every move and I am being unfairly dismissed.
What are your opinions, should I take that further under a bullying tribunal? Because to me it seems the employers have become the bully's.
Thank you in advance.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Mon 04-Jul-16 18:46:58

You can't claim unfair dismissal if you've been employed for less than two years, unless you believe it's due to a protected characteristic.

Did you tell your boss on the day that you were away from your desk a lot, or only afterwards?

PigletWasPoohsFriend Mon 04-Jul-16 18:47:58

You already have a thread that you started yesterday about this.

LIZS Mon 04-Jul-16 18:58:02

Agree you raised this yesterday and had good advice that you should have made the situation clear at the time, not retrospectively, and had few rights due to short service. Unless you flagged it up as a disability for which they have subsequently failed to make adjustments which has led to your dismissal you need to accept the situation for what it is. Would you wish to continue working there in this atmosphere anyway?

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