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Any firefighters or mums in similar manual/physical jobs?

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Hannah4banana Thu 23-Jun-16 17:59:20

Totally new to the forum so hopefully this is the right thread.
I qualify as a firefighter at the end of the year and me and hubby are hoping to ttc after then. I'm worried about a few things and hoping some of you lovely ladies can put my mind at ease.
As soon as I (hopefully) get pregnant I know I'll have to go off the run into an office role and the thought of it fills me with dread. I was 13 years in an office role before I switched and I absolutely love my job now.

My other concern is putting pressure on myself to get back to peak physical fitness so I can pass a medical and fitness to return to work.

I'm just hoping some if you have been in the same position.

I am 35 and delayed ttc to complete my training for money reasons (salary Increase) and not having to worry about having to redo or complete any training after going back to work.

I know it's all dependent on a lot of things but just looking for advice and hopefully I can strop stressing about it as I know it wont be the best if we are ttc.


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