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Nhs term time only

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sorbetandcream1 Wed 22-Jun-16 23:22:20

I'm thinking of applying for a job in nhs but it's term time only. Would I expect to get holidays on top of that or does the fact it is term time only account for holidays IyswIm? Also how can I work out my take home salary, they just say pay pro rata on advert? Thanks.

Littlegoat123 Thu 23-Jun-16 22:32:18

If you take a term time only post it is expected you do not take time off during your 38 weeks of employment (term time only is generally 38 weeks per year, so 14 weeks off!)
Your salary will be split evenly into 12 monthly payments but some local authorities do it as 13 X 4 weekly payments. So if it it for example 13,000 per annum pro rata term time only it would be 13000 divided by 52weeks then multiplied by 38 to give your take home annual pay then split that by 12 (or 13 dependant on salary frequency) it all depends on your contract, often the holiday entitlement accrued is contained within the actual salary figure, mine at the moment is added as an amount every month extra on my pay as 'holiday allowance' the payroll dept maybe worth a phone call just to find out actual take home figures before you apply....hope that helps x

lougle Fri 01-Jul-16 23:31:31

You'd still get your holiday allowance but you'd expect to use it during the 13 weeks not at work. So you'd have 39 weeks paid and working, 26.2 days (5 weeks & 1.2 days) paid holiday (27 days plus 8 bank holidays pro-rata for 39/52.143 weeks) to be taken during non working weeks. Then 38.8 days (7 weeks & 3.8 days) not working and unpaid. But as above, you'd get equal pay across all months because they work out your annual salary and pay you 1/12th per month.

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