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can I ask for a pay rise

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eatyourveg Wed 22-Jun-16 21:49:26

The company I work for created a new role last year and slotted it into an exisiting pay band and gave it the lowest spine point in the band - fixed term for a year, they advertised the role 3 times and no-one applied so in the end because I knew a lot about what the role involved from previous jobs I have had, I said I would do it but only on a p/t basis

one year on the company is restructuring and the post is being made permanent and the role expanded across a group of sister companies - no extra pay rise, same spine point. I have been ringfenced to it as per my contract from last year. I have found a colleague willing to job share and the company seems ok with it. Its simply too big a job to do p/t and I don't want f/t

Question is, as the role comes at a fixed spine point, if I ask to go up a spine point based on last years productivity and my skills and knowledge and that I would have to train the person doing my job share and the fact that no-one has expressed an interest in it f/t - would the other job share person have to go up a spine point too? There is no performance related pay at the moment in my bit of the group although in sister companies there is a twice yearly opportunity for salary review, my company has no obvious way to progress within the payband but as I will be working across the group I assume I get the same opportunities as the sister companies ie I can ask for a pay review? But if I do, am I effectively negotiating a pay rise for my colleague too who has no experience, no training and less knowledge about the role?

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