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Applying for a job in early pregnancy

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dippypanda Wed 22-Jun-16 13:13:07

Basically, I am currently working a part time fixed term contract covering maternity leave which ends middle of October (I took this position as I moved house and could no longer continue with my previous perm role due to distance) I am also currently nearly 9 weeks pregnant (due beg Feb 17). I have seen a permanent role which I believe is a great opportunity. Is it worth applying for the role and see what happens or would it be considered unfair to a future employer? My background is HR so I know the legal stuff but as this is personal I don't think I am being objective so I'm just looking for some thoughts as to what others think?

SeashellHoarder Thu 23-Jun-16 08:11:09

Well as you already know the legal side, my take on the fairness is:
In a large or medium sized businesses where there is more than one person doing the role, and they often have folk going off on mat leave, it's not too unfair on them or disruptive.
If it's a small business then you would cause them potentially a huge amount of headache and financial cost to get and train a replacement for mat cover.
But the bottom line is you need to work and get this sorted now, if you wait till October I don't think you'll find many places who will take on a 7 month pregnant woman. ( I know that's discrimination and you would never be told as much)
Sometimes you have to put yourself first.
Good luck.

EveryCloudhasl Thu 23-Jun-16 08:42:47

Go for it!!

dippypanda Thu 23-Jun-16 10:31:26

Thank you both for your comments - both very helpful.

SeashellHoarder I found your comments helpful as the company I currently am working mat cover for is indeed a small company so it would be disruptive to them, but I am in a situation where looking for a new job at 7 months pregnant is hardly ideal. I hoped I would be able to temp for as long as possible after this role.

BonerSibary Thu 23-Jun-16 15:03:09

It isn't something I would choose to do, for purely selfish reasons. It's hard being pregnant and hard starting new jobs and hard combining the two. And there'll be people who think you've done something wrong often those same people who'd never employ a visibly pregnant woman and can't seem to make the connection between those attitudes and women not disclosing. But you don't seem to have much choice, unless you're prepared to go on ML at 7 months and accept a gap on your CV. You presumably know you should be able to get maternity allowance if you don't qualify for SMP?

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