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How to get over not being given a job and the ongoing consequences

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Undervaluedandsad Wed 22-Jun-16 12:17:44

I work in a small department, due to reorganisation there were too many at my level. We were all interviewed and I was the one who lost out. I now have to work at a lower grading, although for the time being keep my pay, the idea being if anyone leaves I get their job. It is highly unlikely anyone will leave for 10+ years.

I have been in this role for 10 years and was given no indication there were any problems with my ability. Feedback is that although I interviewed well, others were better. I work part time whereas the others are full time, and personally think this was the major factor.

I am devastated. I feel totally undervalued and worry I have lost the respect of my colleagues. I can't see a way forward other than to leave. There are no jobs in my profession locally so I will have to retrain. We had planned to move this year but have had to put everything on hold.

So, my questions are: has anyone managed to feel positive about themselves/their career after a similar incident?
Should I start planning for a new career?

mrsmugoo Wed 22-Jun-16 12:21:54

No advice sorry m, but the exact same thing happened to me and I jumped at the chance of voluntary redundancy right at the end of the period where my pay would have gone down to the lower grade.

Shit situation isn't it?

Undervaluedandsad Wed 22-Jun-16 12:26:46

Redundancy isn't an option, I've asked.

Did you retrain or find another job?

mrsmugoo Wed 22-Jun-16 13:49:11

An opportunity came up for me to be part of a start up business - I was lucky really.

titchy Wed 22-Jun-16 14:02:15

You may be able to force them to make you redundant if your new role is not of the same status as your redundant role:

kiwimumof2boys Tue 28-Jun-16 11:14:42

No advice sorry but just wanted to give you flowers and say I (and many others) have been there before.
I missed out on an internal promotion that they hired an external candidate for! I felt so shit.
I'd be looking for another job TBH.

Undervaluedandsad Wed 29-Jun-16 15:38:05

I'm looking but there isn't much out there. I think I will need to retrain. Thinking about teaching.

redhat Wed 29-Jun-16 15:41:08

I'm an employment lawyer.

That is a redundancy situation unless you accept the lower remunerated role. They have simply done the redundancy selection by interview.

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