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Is it acceptable to wear the same thing for a second job interview?

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alazuli Tue 21-Jun-16 22:00:02

Just that really. Don't have any other suit/skirt combos! Or will it look like I'm too poor to have a proper wardrobe?

ShatnersBassoon Tue 21-Jun-16 22:01:35

If it's a suit, do you have a different blouse to wear with it?

ParadiseCity Tue 21-Jun-16 22:03:01

I don't think it should matter at all! As long as it isn't really wacky in some way.

merrymouse Tue 21-Jun-16 22:03:28

What kind of job? I think many interviewers wouldn't notice if it's a neutral colour and you wear a different shirt/accessories.

Pollaidh Tue 21-Jun-16 22:04:21

If it's a bright coloured dress or something, maybe not, as they will remember that. If it's a fairly dull suit, then it should be okay. Maybe put a different coloured blouse or accessory with it to change it a bit.

bookishandblondish Tue 21-Jun-16 22:05:13

I've just interviewed a second interview for a really senior position ( senior management). I really couldn't tell you much about what the man wore - jacket, shirt, tie.

Unless it's it fashion, PR, media etc ( and I suspect if it was, you wouldn't be asking), then it probably won't matter.

On the other hand, I did notice that he struggled to answer some key questions smile

doesntmatterwhoyouare Tue 21-Jun-16 22:08:05

I think I would be fine. Don't do my.mistake and turn up in jeans and a t-shirt because your first interview was on a charity dress down day.

alazuli Tue 21-Jun-16 22:29:10

it's a navy suit jacket, white shirt and navy skirt. super dull and inconspicuous.

it was a man who interviewed me too so hopefully that'll mean he won't remember. smile although he is interviewing me again with someone else.

thanks for the advice, ladies. will find another top to go with it.

maggiethemagpie Wed 22-Jun-16 19:29:08

I personally wouldn't, but don't see a massive issue if the suit is the same. I think the top should be different though. If you had exactly the same top on both times, I'd notice rightly or wrongly and wonder why.

originalmavis Wed 22-Jun-16 19:31:24

Stick a brooch on it and no one will be the wiser. Good luck with the interview.

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