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Is the grass greener?

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user1466526503 Tue 21-Jun-16 17:42:51

I moved jobs 2 months ago and I am beginning to think the old adage that the grass is not always greener may be true.

I loved my old job, I was there 9 years, the work was enjoyable and the company employed 250 people on one site, it was like one big family I knew everyone and people chatted and joked as they did their work.

I moved because there have been no progression opportunities and in the longer term I can see the business closing, maybe in a couple of years time, it was just a feeling which many staff share.

I spotted an opportunity which on paper sounds great and I got the job, the organisation employs 5000 all on one site, there us just not that family atmosphere which I miss like mad. I am a single mum so don;t get out much, and the laughter in my last job got me through the day.

Everyone is friendly if I ask a question, but they are all so serious and I am finding it hard to form bonds 2 months in. Also while I can do the job its not what I thought it would be, lots of customer interaction which I struggle with due to personal issues as I am very reserved. While I can do it it sets me on edge, I am also doing some basic back office roles and data management which is what I thought I was doing.

The pay is much better than before, there is flexi time and 30 days leave a year so its brilliant in terms of flexibility with childcare, if I want to leave a 2pm I can providing I don;t have meetings.

So all in all the new job is not what I expected and I am not enjoying it, I miss my old colleagues like crazy and my old role. The thing is after the 2 years I have to stay in this role there is the potential to get involved in more exciting things through promotion.

The benefits are fab as is the pay for what I do. Leave is fantastic, so why am I getting the feeling I have made the wrong choice and want to go back to my old role. After 2 months I should be feeling settled??

I know I made the right decision to move as my old job could have gone in a couple of years and everybody said I had made a good move, but I just miss my old role and friends. They were one of my few contacts with the adult world

I may add that my boss is very happy with what I am doing.

CountryLovingGirl Fri 01-Jul-16 21:46:34

It is natural to miss a job and the people you worked with (not in all cases though), especially after 12 years.
It sounds like the new job has potential and better pay/flexibility. It's early days. Keep at it. I am sure people around you are nervous with you being a new member of staff. Do you go for lunch with any of them?
Look at the reasons you left. Lack of opportunity. Possibility of closing. If they are definitely closing then I would not contemplate going back as you could put yourself out of a job.
You can, of course, stay in touch with old colleagues.

I am probably not the best person to advise as I moved jobs, after 12 years, and hated my new job/place. I never settled from day 1 and have, after 5 years of sticking it out, returned to my old job/old colleagues and feel at peace with myself once again! Follow your heart but make sure you give it good time and make sure, if you go back, the job will exist for quite a few years yet!

CountryLovingGirl Fri 01-Jul-16 21:47:22

after 9 years

user1466526503 Sat 02-Jul-16 21:44:11

thanks, I will try and stick it out for a while, Some days I feel fine and other days I feel totally at sea, silly things like someone asked me to resend and email to them. I sent it out around a month ago on behalf of my boss and had forgotten about it, so when a colleague asked me to resend it I looked totally blankly at her almost denying I had sent it. It only dawned on me a couple of hours later which email she meant! I felt and looked so stupid.

But on the other hand other days I feel a little more confident for example I put a new performance summary report together which the head of section loved sending an email of praise out to the hole section of 100 people not just my team! Apparently that is very rare, so I must have done good. It just seems some days I get silly little things wrong and other times I do more complex things well.

It just does not help I am fairly introverted and find verbal communication with strangers difficult which is caused by some underlying genetic problems, Its building those relationships which is hard ,there is a culture of not doing lunch people working through going to meetings etc so its hard to get to know people. I just worry people think I am a little wearied because of my communication problems both socially and work wise if I am not sure on something I sort of stutter a bit and don;t come across very well.

I miss my last job like mad and even though I have not told my old boss about my feelings about my current role he has said he would take me back in a flash, the only problem is is the reason I left still stand.

If i can do this job for around 2 years there will be other ops within the company more exciting and something more like I want to do. I love sitting behind the scenes and find it hard to be more front facing. Hopefully I can stick it out for 2 years and then something will come up shortly after, even if it is at the same grade and pay, if I can move to an area I enjoy then I feel I can progress in it. The question is can I stick it for 2 years, as I drive to work each day I feel a little sick and sometimes shake with nerves about what silly little mistake I will make and people will think I am rubbish, I had such a good reputation in my old job, but now I feel that my co-workers don;t rate me on the whole.

I wish do wish I could go back to my old job , but deep down I know why I left and it was probably for the right reasons.

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