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Stressed and under pressure - want to change job

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clarycat Tue 21-Jun-16 07:16:55

I have what would probably be considered to be an ideal job. I walk there, come home for lunch and get school holidays off. The people I work with are great. But really it's only the people that are keeping me there. The work is becoming more pressured and is becoming for me so stressful. I can't switch off. I'm beginning to feel that it is beyond my capabilities.

So there is a job that has come up but I would have to drive 30-50 minutes everyday, work longer hours and get the normal holiday entitlement per year (no more term time only). Oh and the pay would either be similar or slightly less. The appeal is that it would be so much less stress for me, and I wouldn't have what I would consider to be heavy responsibilities - I could leave all this behind.

Would anyone do this for these reasons? Or has anyone done this before?


babajuice Tue 21-Jun-16 07:27:42

Hi! Well personally, I would not want to be working longer hours and adding a longer journey time to work, however it really depends on how stressful you're finding your current job. I don't deal well with stress, so I would probably want to leave, but are there any other options? Is there someone at work you can talk to about how you're feeling about the job? Or alternatively, can you wait for a job to come up that is fewer hours/ closer to you?
In the past I have left a job for another position that paid less, which made little sense to people around me, but the company was better and I was happier so didn't regret it. Sometimes the obvious choice isn't necessarily the right choice for you. smile

clarycat Tue 21-Jun-16 07:36:38

Hi babajuice. They know how stressed I am at work but they think it's temporary due to the current circumstances and that the circumstances will get easier. The way I feel I just can't see things calming down at all. I think I've just had enough, the work has always been stressful and I have acknowledged this but it's getting worse.

What I would be doing is going back to a working pattern that I had before children, and I don't remember being upset at the hours or journey. My children are old enough to look after themselves now!

Yika Mon 04-Jul-16 20:52:14

I would. It's not a question of the logistics really, just that you are clearly unhappy in your job. So: if you have the opportunity to move on, I'd do it. On the other hand, is it genuinely beyond your capabilities or with some additional support could it push you up to the next level in your personal and professional development?

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