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Leaving on probation

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LadyRataxes Mon 20-Jun-16 10:04:26

Just wanting to get some advice- i have been offered a new job after several months looking. It is a good job but a lot less money than I was on before and also less I think than I need (have been doing the sums). However it is better than nothing. In the short term its ok financially - longer term it would be difficult and I would have to downsize etc
I want to continue to look for other roles - my concern is that if something comes up I would need to leave my new job relatively early- it is I think a years probation during which it is a months notice either way. I wasn't sure how leaving during probation is viewed for future moves and also how a prospective employer would look at the position- i/e looking a for a new job whilst only just starting at the current job. The other issue is that i am actually still interviewing and there is a small chance that some of these interviews go somewhere - which may mean I have another job offer before actually starting the other one....

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