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AIBU to take holiday days during notice period?

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user1466336558 Sun 19-Jun-16 13:11:39

Hi there, I'd be very grateful for some advice on an issue I'm having with my work over holiday entitlement during my notice period.

My company's head office is 500 miles away down south, and I work in a small office on my own (everyone else has left or been made redundant).

I was told last month that they were going to be closing this office as soon as possible, and my role would be made redundant geographically and they said I could move on or relocate to head office down south. I asked if there was a timescale for this and they said as soon as possible, as they were trying to negotiate out of the lease on this office early.

I checked my contract and they only need to give me one week's notice, and I also realised I wouldn't get a redundancy pay out as I have been here less than two years. I asked a couple more times for more information on timescales, if there was a relocation package on offer, and when I could expect more news and they kept putting me off saying it was not yet confirmed.

This couldn't have come at a worse time, I have been suffering from anxiety and stress for the past couple of months (hair falling out, lack of sleep, weight gain) and I am getting married in three months time. My doctor prescribed anti-anxiety medication and sleeping tablets last week.

On Monday my bosses finally told me they were closing the office in 3 months time and I had to decide what to do. I handed in my notice on Tuesday as I have found another job here (thankfully!!) and I have a four week notice period. I have 7 days accrued holiday and I really, really want to take some days off before starting my new job.

My boss says he and the HR manager are coming up here in three weeks time (the final week of my employment) to do a face to face handover and tie up anything to do with the office. They say they want me to be available for that week, and be flexible with what days I'm available as they can't confirm yet when they'll be here. Am I being unreasonable in wanting to take my days as leave instead of being paid? He also says if I wanted to take all my time off then they would want to extend my notice period by a week (is that even allowed?)!

I am so cross with them as I feel they have forced this situation and wanted me to leave anyway - why can't they just show me some goodwill? Or am I being unreasonable to expect this?

Any advice gratefully received smile xx

flowery Sun 19-Jun-16 14:43:10

I don't think they are being unreasonable wanting you available for your final week for a handover. If you don't take your holiday you've accrued you'll get paid in lieu of it anyway, so you can take a week off after you've finished your notice period but before you start your new job. You'll have the money to do it.

They don't have to agree your holiday request but if it's important to you to take those specific dates off they are giving you the option (i.e. not compulsory) to do so by extending your notice period and working a week after your holiday instead.

Entirely up to you, but you have 7 days holiday and have two options for taking time off- either those particular dates and working a week longer, or finishing after 4 weeks and using the 7 days extra pay you'll get to fund time off between jobs.

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