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New job vs ttc?

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Grainedesesame Thu 16-Jun-16 18:04:01

Hello everyone, I would love your advice and experience. Im 33 and I am with my company for two years My husband and I would like to start ttc. My company have a great maternity leave . The problem is that I am so miserable at work. I am normally hard worker and passionate about what I do but I recently change to a new manager and I dont get along with him.
I had been job hunting and two opportunities seems to come along.

My question is: can I give my notice and start the new job while being pregnant or ttc?

Have you had a similar situation?
Thanks for your comment .

thrillhouse Thu 16-Jun-16 18:09:09

Of course you can. I'm starting a new job in a week or so and I'm newly pregnant. (Not that they know that, I found out after they offered me the job blush)

Plus, I hope you won't, but you could be TTC for months and months. That is no reason to stay in a job you hate.

Grainedesesame Thu 16-Jun-16 18:12:44

Thanks for your reply Thrillhouse and congrat on your pregnancy. Are you then eligible for the Statutory Maternity Pay? Thanks

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