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bullying, handed notice in, HELP!!

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blueberry1972 Thu 16-Jun-16 06:12:01

2nd post on here and would just like some advise please.
Worked for same company for 16yrs. Get on very well with company owner (chairwoman) but she is quite far removed from the day to day.

Had 6 different line managers in the last 18mths. Bullying from one of them going back as far as 2013.

Can't take it anymore and don't feel I've got it in me to have to prove myself again to another new manager who started a couple of weeks ago.

Called chairwoman on Saturday and told her I was handing my notice in. She said no way am I. Handed it in anyway.

Had a meeting with managing director yesterday and he said if I thought anything of (chairwoman) I would stay with the company and support her (she is in ill health) he also asked if I'd like to raise any of my issues as grievances and I said no.

I think I could stay if I could reduce my hours from 30 to 22 per week.

Is anyone there that I can use as a sounding board please?

Viviene Thu 16-Jun-16 06:22:13

If you can afford it then walk away. Do not stay for them, stay only if you don't want to go and handing the notice in is just to get their attention to the matters at hand.
Bullying never stops, I briefly worked for a company with a horrid manager. Everybody knew, everybody. They did profiling tests as part of recruitment so that they could pick stress resistant people and people who could work in hostile environments. You'd think we were working for a KGB.
Everybody has the 'I've had enough' line, if you've crossed it already then you should go - nothing good will come out of it anyway. The argument about chairwoman being in poor health is petty and is just an emotional blackmail - I would run for the hills after that.
On the other hand, I refuse to put up with any kind of crap at work and I am not afraid of changing jobs of I'm not happy. I can understand that some people actually get attached to their jobs.

blueberry1972 Thu 16-Jun-16 07:28:23

Thank you Vivienne. I'm sorry you too have worked in such an environment. It is a tough one because despite the issues and hostile environment it fits in very well with school drop off and pick ups and the salary is very good.
Think I've thought for too long that 'I can't have it all' and you're right about crossing that line.

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