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Should I apply for this job?

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user1465910683 Tue 14-Jun-16 14:58:40

I have recently been approached by my boss regarding a new position in the company which he would like me to apply for. I have limited experience compared to others in my department and I haven't even registered any interest in the role.

I wasn't even going to consider applying because I know I don't have as much experience as others I work with but my boss has said that doesn't matter because he things I'm the right person for the job.

I'm worried about the backlash from some of my colleagues who think the role is theirs because they have the most experience.

isthatmytshirt Tue 14-Jun-16 15:17:11

Experience and skills are very different things. They may have more experience but it may well be that you are still the better person for the job.

If you'd like the job, go for it smile there shouldn't be any backlash from colleagues assuming they're even the slightest bit professional. If there is, they should take their grievances up with the boss / HR, not with you, and then it will be explained why you were chosen over them (perhaps? I don't know if HR do justify decisions to others), and there's nothing more they can complain about.

You have as much right to apply as they do - it's only an application, not a guarantee, so they can't be assuming it's their position already.

Go for it if you want it!

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