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Is this bullying in the workplace?

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AmandaMckinelly Sun 12-Jun-16 03:42:19

Earlier this week I purchased a phone from a girl in work it was her old phone upon setting it up I found some messages between the girl and another colleague of mine they was both saying rude things about me calling me a "sket" 😅 And also commenting on my parenting skills saying things like "I never have my child she is always with my parents calling me a bad mother (I am a 23 year old woman and work full time so my mother looks after my son whilst I work and whilst I go gym) they was speaking in a rude manner about my son referring to him at does she ever have that kid or where's her kid when she's here there and everywhere I was quite shocked as both the girls are very polite to my face the next day in work I calmly confronted them to which they both said they are not sorry for what they have said about me and was not remorseful one bit later that day I found on the phone that they had been taking pictures of me in secret in work and sending them to each other laughing at them at my expense I was also told by another member of staff one of the girls had taken pictures of my child of my social media and was insulting him in messages I am really concerned about this as we work in a kids play area . My question is is this bullying? I feel very anxious in work all the time now and is it worth putting a complaint in? What do you think would come out of it if I complain?
Thanks in advance x

CoconuttyOil Sun 12-Jun-16 12:49:32

Is that your real name OP? If so you may want to report your post and ask to change your username.

I can't advise on your situation but hopefully someone with HR experience will be able to help.

tribunalupfrontfeesjustunfair Sun 12-Jun-16 16:06:14

This is totally unacceptable behaviour. I would advise you raise a formal grievance, so this can be investigated on your behalf ( details of how will be in company handbook/via HR ).

It would be helpful to keep a diary/log of dates and times these behaviours took place, also if there are any others, who witnessed these events.

It's a horrid situation, however your employer needs to have these concerns raised via their own formal procedure, so they will be able to take any appropriate action.

Julieb85 Mon 13-Jun-16 20:17:11

This is absolutely the definition of bullying. If I were you I'd raise a formal grievance against both of these girls. It may make the work environment unpleasant but after this I'm sure it already is. I feel so bad for you having to face this childish behaviour...but please stand up for yourself in the most formal/professional manner you can. It'll speak volumes as to their characters if you do. X

Lilaclily Mon 13-Jun-16 20:19:32

Yes it's bullying you poor thing

Shakey15000 Mon 13-Jun-16 21:52:56

Blimey, I'd be raging. HR/Management for sure and yes, remain utterly professional.

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