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salemtheteenagecat Thu 02-Jun-16 23:49:31

Hello, I am currently 18weeks pregnant and having a pretty rough time with sickness. There has been question over whether our contracts get extended so a lot of upset. I was signed off for two weeks and in that time it was decided we had another contract. To cut a long story short I've come back to work to find my colleagues have gone to my manger about things that I haven't done or mistake that have been made but they have all been blown out out of portion I hadn't done any of the things that was suggested that I had done. This is not the first time my colleagues have done this to me and I find myself having to prove myself each time. The things they have also said I don't care as I am leaving and purposely doing a shit job. This is not the case I work extremely hard. I feel like they have backed me into a corner and no longer feel I can take time off for sickness. Since I've come home I've been sick I'm exhausted can't stop crying and generally feel let down. The thought o having to go to work tomorrow it's making me sick. I don't want to put stress on my baby also. I'm not sure what advice I am after just a bit of a rant really been awake not been able to sleep.

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