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'Bank staff' and pregnancy entitlements

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Sleah2016 Thu 02-Jun-16 22:26:11

I was hoping someone has been in a similar situation and can provide me with some advice. I'm currently work for a company as part of their 'bank staff' support worker team which means I cover shifts across a range of their units as and when needed. I have worked for them for nearly two years and always have regular shifts (averaging 24 hours a week).

Due to the nature of the work (the company specialise in providing care and support for those with challenging behaviour) I have had to tell my employer that I am pregnant. I am currently only 11 weeks. I did suggest to the employer that I could perhaps pick up some shifts in the units where the risk is significantly lower however I was told that unfortunately when bank staff are pregnant they are unable to work.

I understand completely from a health and safety perspective however this has now left me with no wages. I am guessing it's too early for me to apply for any maternity benefits but surely there is something I can do. I'm not unemployed, the company are just stating I'm not fit for work currently but due to the zero hour contract, they do not have to pay me. I'm really confused and worried about the whole situation and would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance


MummyBex1985 Fri 03-Jun-16 10:38:24

What your company is doing is likely to be discriminatory. They have told you direct that you aren't being provided with work because you're pregnant.

Time for legal advice I think.

Sleah2016 Fri 03-Jun-16 12:05:14

Thank you for your reply! I rang my union this morning and they've advised that it is discrimination aswell as even as bank staff I have the same rights as a full time employee (as Iv worked for them for than the 12 week qualifying period).

Fingers crossed this isn't going to be a battle and they sort something!

Thanks again x

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