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Job changing from FT to PT - is this redundancy?

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Fridayschild Sun 29-May-16 19:42:25

I am the employer in this question! DC are getting older and we do not need FT childcare in term time. I would like to cut my nanny's hours to 3 hours a day in term time but full time in holidays. DC are at different schools so we need holiday cover for an impressive 27 weeks a year. This means nanny hours go from 52 hours a week at the moment to 35 hours a week averaged over the year.

I appreciate the reduced pay might mean she can't stay with us. We have tried to find other things for her to do while the children are at school but she was never very good at carrying on with the jobs after a few weeks and now she has her own child absolutely nothing is happening until she collects the younger one from school. I can't really afford to pay her FT every week of the year, especially if she's not actually working for me for much of that time!

Do anyone know if cutting the hours like that is redundancy or not?


MummyBex1985 Sun 29-May-16 21:08:38

Could be. The definition of redundancy is "a reduced need for employees to do work of a particular kind", and there is a reduced need here for the reasons you outlined.

Is she definitely an employee of yours though? What does her contract say?

MummyBex1985 Sun 29-May-16 21:08:57

PS even if it is a redundancy situation you'd have to offer her the alternative.

Fridayschild Mon 30-May-16 07:56:59

Thanks Bex. Yes she is my employee, no question about that bit!

Karoleann Mon 30-May-16 19:47:44

I'd offer to pro-rata the payment over the year and see what that works out as, but yes, you do need to offer her the new job first before making her redundant.

You're absolutely not being unreasonable at all.

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