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Help! Which job

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Whatamuddleduck Sat 28-May-16 11:13:23

Could anyone help me work out what to do?
I am looking to leave my current job. Partly because new things are added to role role frequently, causing it be impossible to do and partly because outside influences are affected my ability to achieve much. Also because we have been tic for 2 years, I need to work less evenings and weekends and as we are considering adoption i need to move to a role that i could work less hours, my current role couldn't offer this.

I applied for two roles and was offered interviews for both . Both roles with the same organisation. I didn't mention that I was doing another interview to either manager, in retrospect maybe I should have.

I was offered the first job within 3 hours. Close to home, interesting client group but a 25% cut in my current salary. I agreed to phone back later that afternoon, after 2nd interview, with a decision. Agreed that I would take it if partner agreed (such a salary drop we needed to see if we could cope)and a 2k increase in salary was offered, which is the max they said was possible.

2nd interview: turned out I was interviewing for a different job than I had been told by HR (some mix up) Job is actually directly my field of expertise. Half my current commute but double the commute that 1st interview role would require. Given that the interview was in a totally different field than I had prepped for interview for I didn't think I had done very well.

Phoned and accepted first role that afternoon, subject to approval of the 2k increase. All ok except that they were concerned about my long notice period.

Following morning I got a voicemail saying 1st role salary increase had been approved, calling to confirm that I had accepted it. Got it late in the day and didn't manage to ring back.

Then after 5pm I got a voicemail offering me the second role at a much higher salary. Given that its a shorter commute than my current role, with lower travel cost it is pretty near my current income.

I tried calling role one yesterday, but no one in. i had intended to see if i could renegotiate on salary but actually i'm not sure that is wise as I have negotiated on that already and doing it twice doesn't look great.

Sorry this is so long! So what do I do?

I can't afford to say no to a higher salary., particularly if we manage to have DC's. I find it very odd that I have been offered 2 different salaries for what are similar roles. The second one I have really good experience in and so that might explain it. It is also an area of work that isn't popular, I just happen to like it.

Having thought about it for two days I'm minded to retract my acceptance of role one and accept role 2. I feel bad about this as role one has probably already said no to other applicants but I think I would actually be better at role 2.

I'd be giving up the chance of a less stressful job, really near home doing work I enjoy and running the chance at really annoying a senior manager in the organisation for a more stressful job, that i would enjoy, further from home and running the risk that I would hate it and have already burnt my bridges.

Advice please? I need to get on the phone 1st thing on Monday with a decision.

Whatamuddleduck Sat 28-May-16 11:15:04

Oh dear, so many typos, sorry! I blame the stress and this mac (tic not ttc, to many others to correct!)

daisychain01 Sat 28-May-16 13:35:49

I've lost the plot, too much info and back and forth in your post!

I don't understand why you wouldn't accept role 2.

Better salary
Your area of expertise, and specialist field so you probably won't get competition.
Better commute

What advice are you asking for? I'm not clear where your dilemma is, to be honest, but maybe that's me being confused by too much extraneous detail!

Whatamuddleduck Sat 28-May-16 18:25:35

sorry, didn't want to drip feed. Partly I feel guilty turning down role one when I have already said I would accept it. Partly, I'm wondering if Im doing the right thing taking 2 with its longer commute and more stressful work.

BeatricePotter Sat 28-May-16 20:02:35

Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying either!

Give us the pros and cons for option 1 then the pros and cons for option 2.

What's your gut feeling?

Whatamuddleduck Sat 28-May-16 21:18:10

Option 1: pros... really near home, interesting job, not too stressful, could easily be part time in future. i don't have to say no when i already said yes. established team and clients
Option 1: cons: way lower pay than I'm used too, long term work with clients which i like the idea of but in reality i have a short attention span.

option 2: pros... good pay, medium commute, interesting work, short term work with clients, I could walk in and start without too much trouble.
option 2: cons... id have to say no to option one (i am a wuss), longer commute than opt 1, fairly new team who don't sound like they are really coping,

thank you- that was helpful. it feels like option 2 is the one for me. I promised dp that I would get a less stressful job closer to home, but when I balance the pay/commute issue opt 2 looks good and is still way less hours and stress than current job.

Is saying no to a job when i have already said yes an ok thing? This would annoy me as manager but I'd live, would anyone else see it as really bad?

BeatricePotter Mon 30-May-16 19:06:09

It sounds like number 2. Just because the team don't appear to be coping doesn't mean they will continue that way. Your arrival could make all the difference.

People accept jobs then change their mind all the time. It's not ideal but you won't be the first! Just be very apologetic and say that you've just been offered your dream job.

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