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Just started new job, not going well :(

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1944dadhelp Tue 24-May-16 19:18:52

Hi, I recently changed career to go back to a job I was doing about 16 years ago but at a lower grade. This fact doesn't bother me at all, I have a family now and don't need the hassle.
My problem is my boss, I just don't understand her and am finding it really hard to work for her.
To start with she majorly lacks social skills, e.g no how are you, how was your weekend etc. She just sits with a stony face in front of her laptop all day and virtually ignores me (we share an office).
Although I'm not over the moon with this I could cope with it apart from the fact she just won't give me anything to do!!! This is my 4th week and she's only given me petty menial things to do (my role is Assistant Technical Manager, she is the Technical Manager). Every day I ask her for more things to do and she replies (with no eye contact) later, not now, am too busy. I am so bored and am really close to walking out.
AIBU or should I say something?

pippistrelle Tue 24-May-16 21:19:13

It sounds like you need to manage her. I would ask to schedule an actual meeting where you can talk about what jobs you will do. If the meeting is in her diary she can't say she's too busy doing something else. I would schedule by email (so that I had a verifiable record). At the meeting, are there things you could suggest you do? Do you need extra training? Aim to agree a way forward. Then after the meeting, send an email saying 'we agreed that I would be responsible for x,y and z. Doing those now, will keep you updated on my progress, and let you know when I'm ready to move on.' Repeat as necessary.

Good luck.

daisychain01 Wed 25-May-16 16:53:34

As you mentioned it's a new job, did you get a detailed role spec with the duties they originally recruited you to do.

As you have quite a lot of time, could you create some draft objectives for yourself then request a formal meeting with your manager to go through your draft and get their input.

In fairness, you may be just asking her at the wrong time, is when she is right in the middle of something and she is using that as a reason excuse to fob you off.

Also could you arrange some informal introduction meeting with people you need to interact with. A, it will keep you busy, as it sounds like you are left with hours on your hands, very demoralising and B you can build up some networks with people and maybe find out if there are other vacancies around grin

purplefox Wed 25-May-16 18:59:38

So are you sitting there with nothing to do? Is she aware? Are there any other assistant technical managers you can ask for work to do?

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