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SMP query please help!!!!

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Elizabeth92 Fri 20-May-16 18:01:29

Hoping someone can help, I'm desperate!!
I work full time wage varying between £200-£250 a week. The first 6 weeks of SMP is payed 90% of AVERAGE wage. Does this mean each week of these 6 weeks will be paid the same amount? As I have been paid different amounts for first 3 weeks!

dementedpixie Fri 20-May-16 18:39:12

The average is calculated from a specific pay period which is the 2 months of pay leading up to the date that is 15 weeks before your estimated delivery date.

dementedpixie Fri 20-May-16 18:40:22

So yes the amounts should be the same each time. How much do they differ from each other?

Elizabeth92 Fri 20-May-16 18:54:11

I'm unable to pick up my pay slips, so I get paid directly into my bank. But they've varied in about £20 from each other. (£224, £264, £200) although I has pointed out a mistake of week 2 being £140!!! Then changed to £264 once I had explained to my boss that ot was supposed to be 90% of average wage)

FuzzyOwl Fri 20-May-16 18:58:18

Your 90% is based on what you earned between weeks 17 and 25 of your pregnancy. Either find your payslips for this period or ask your employer to send you copies and go online to use the calculator and check exactly what you should get.

FuzzyOwl Fri 20-May-16 18:59:28

Use this calculator here

StereophonicallyChallenged Fri 20-May-16 19:01:28

It will be an adjustment to tax or any ad-hoc items due to you OP I should imagine smile Also SMP is paid in full weeks from first Sunday after date it starts, so first week might be part pay, part SMP iyswim.
Your payslips will tell you, and congratulations flowers

Elizabeth92 Fri 20-May-16 19:16:13

Thanks a lot for your help! X

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