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Equal Opportunities for Special Needs

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mrscshelley Sun 15-May-16 11:39:42

I am so angry with our local care home, our daughter who has some learning difficulties but was only at special school for 2 years got her first weekend job in our local care home 4 hrs sat 4 hrs sun . She was so proud and posted pictures of her in the uniform . Got up early for training , had a shower, put her hair up, byt second day she had 15 sinks to clean , which she says she did, and she cleans my house so I know she knows what to do , at the end of the shift, they said she woukd probably be more suited to the kitchen. No phone call from them, so she turned up yesterday to have her uniform taken off her, told the job wasnt for her and sent home. Needless to say in floods of tears by the time she got in and self esteem at rock bottom. This has happened before at a trial at a local hotel. supposed to be a trial for 2 hours , kept her working for 5 hours, then said she didnt have the job .

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