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NewLife4Me Wed 11-May-16 21:59:47

Ok, at very nearly 50, I want a job.

I have skills that I haven't used in 20 years that are still needed, but they are in jobs I could never expect to do or indeed want to.

I don't need a career or anything where I'd have to take it home, so am happy with pt min wage type jobs.

I don't know where to start with jargon and transferrable skills to different jobs as it was so long ago the jobs I did at grass root level aren't applicable at my age.

Customer care and representation of companies is my background in Leisure and Tourism management with Hospitality thrown in the mix. I have an Honours Degree and an Exec Dip Mgt from CMI. grin

I was operational management level before leaving the industries, but would like more than starter obviously. Old School customer service, please don't laugh.

Would anybody employ at this level if the person wasn't driven to the next level?
I would be able to show recent voluntary work at this level as fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity.
I just wouldn't like to go to another level and find this level ambitious enough.

digitaldoughmad Thu 19-May-16 12:44:45

Absolutely, I think you're very employable. There's a lot to be said for someone who has done mixed levels of work and can articulate what they want and why, rather than those with blind ambition. Jobs with KPIs that are increased every quarter may not be a good fit for you, but there are plenty of solid roles out there that aren't so competition focused.

Avoid applying for min wage jobs, nobody will take you seriously. You'll get the "we think you'll get bored" line. Look for senior admin, team leader, anything with "assistant" or "support" in the title and get inspired! I had a friend who returned to work in her 40s and got a job as a dental assistant with no experience, just on the job training! That's definitely a job you don't take home! grin

Alternatively, I know lots of people who have found steady work through employer "banks" - NHS, universities other large institutions often have their own internal recruitment agencies . Just submit your CV and see what happens. I'd suggest doing it ASAP, the closer it gets to summer the more likely they will stop taking CVs because they'll be overrun with students looking for summer work. You might need to ring the switchboard to get the contact details, they don't always put the bank contacts online.

Good luck!

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