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Job offer withdrawn - do I have any redress?

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easterholidays Wed 11-May-16 18:12:17

The week before last I accepted a job offer for a three-month contract, employed as a freelance contractor on a day rate.

Today the recruiter who set up the interview called me to say they have found someone permanent who's able to start immediately, and as there isn't enough work for us both they are withdrawing the offer.

I have the offer letter, but they never sent me a contract. I was due to start this Monday. Have they broken the law? It seems that had I been due to join as a permanent staff member the answer would be yes, but I don't know whether the same applies to contractors.

Anyone have any knowledge? I'm pretty pissed off because now I've wasted ten days fannying about on the internet doing nothing when I could have been looking for work!

Lilaclily Wed 11-May-16 18:14:48

So couldn't you have been permanent and weren't you asked to start immediately or didn't they ask you that ?

superwormissuperstrong Wed 11-May-16 18:17:55

I'm a freelancer as well and my gut feeling is that they can do this. Yes I've also started work before both parties have signed the contract but that is a risk on my part to do that.
Most of my contracts do enable cancellation of work at no notice - that's why I get such a good day rate as it gives the employer complete flexibility e.g. If a permanent employee finally turns up for the role.
I would chalk it up and get back on the phone to my contacts...

easterholidays Wed 11-May-16 18:25:07

They didn't ask me to be permanent - I think they might have had a conversation with the recruiter about it and he knows I only want freelance work. I was due to start this Monday; I can't believe the difference of a couple of days is the reason (I hope not, anyway!). I've a feeling they just found someone they liked better and this is a convenient excuse.

Thanks superworm, I expect you're right, I'm just pissed off! There's a fair bit of work around so it won't leave me out on the street just yet, but having to do all the job-hunting stress again when I thought it had gone away for a bit is super annoying.

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