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Absence & new job

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Hjb2410 Tue 10-May-16 19:45:53

I hope I'm on the right thread
Ive been offered the job of a lifetime (in my eyes anyway)

I'm currently in the final stage of the process which is the medical and vetting stage

Ive just filled in some forms for them and one of the questions was about how many days have you been absent in the last two years

In 2014 I was diagnosed with glandular fever which resulted in 29 days absent (covered by sick notes)

On 23rd december 2014 my mum suddenly passed away resulting in me being absent from work from the 24/12/14 until 20/3/15 as very traumatic circumstances.

This year ive had two days of illness and one day absent as my grandad passed away and I was a main carer for him in his final days.

I'm really worried my time off and circumstances that have been out of my hands are going to stand in my way of being offered this job.
Please help or any advice!

EBearhug Thu 12-May-16 00:05:51

If they question it, I would tell them the truth, as the chances of any of these things recurring are pretty low. I don't know - seeing that sort of record wouldn't bother me (I struggled after each of my parents' deaths), but I am not recruiting you, and there may be places who just look at the numbers, not anything else. But I don't think you can know till they get back to you what they will think about it. Good luck.

Hjb2410 Thu 12-May-16 07:42:54

Thank you
Ive written a letter outlining the days and periods absent and the reasons why so fingers crossed.
Ive been honest in the letter so fingers crossed.

Thank you very much for your reply xx

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