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Do I accept this very pt job

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Lollylovesbones Tue 10-May-16 12:42:12

I have recently re-trained and I have been offered 3 hours paid work per week for a charity in a sector that I am very interested in working in - it is a specialist area, relatively well-paid for the number of hours and will give me invaluable experience and contacts.

There is no flexibility in the day/times that I would be employed for andI know they have had difficulty finding someone with my qualifications so I am not taking a job from someone who would be more committed to the role.

However, financially I will still need to look for other part-time work from September and I am worried that by accepting this, I will lose out on other part time work (I need to work 2-3 days per week) if any jobs offered clash with the charity work. Is there any way of wording an acceptance that explains the situation (ie that my financial situation is such that if I was offered more hours elsewhere for Sept, I would have to take them) or should I just decline the offer

Ellypoo Tue 10-May-16 13:17:51

I would just accept it to get the experience and then see how you get on - chances are if you look for another pt job you might be able to fit that around this job anyway, enabling you to still get all the experience etc.

Lollylovesbones Tue 10-May-16 14:02:27

Thanks - maybe I'm over thinking it. I just would hate to let anyone down

flowery Tue 10-May-16 16:04:45

If they can only offer 3 inflexible hours a week they will know that it's likely they may lose you as and when something comes up. I don't think you need to put it in your acceptance.

Lollylovesbones Tue 10-May-16 16:19:59

Thanks - I've accepted - hopefully it will be a good way of getting a foot hold in this new (to me) sector.

TomTomKitten Tue 10-May-16 19:09:41

I would accept it. It might grow into something bigger. It might help you get your foot in the door somewhere else (on a part-time or full-time basis). A lot could happen between now and September.

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