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Two job offers - not sure what to do

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PaniWahine Sat 07-May-16 19:51:26

Following an illness I've been out of work for a year, but in February I began looking for a new job as a secretary / administrator. I had lots of interviews as I applied for anything in the 'admin' stream, thinking with a one year glitch on my CV I couldn't afford to be fussy, and when I lost out on roles, recruiters said this was a 'red flag'. I still have some minor physical limitations because of the illness and I also had a brief period of depression/ anxiety.

I was offered a job on Monday in a small private company as an office manager / PA and started Wednesday. So far, it's ok. I'm still a bit nervous, but I'm also worried about the staff turnaround as the accounts admin and receptionist are both leaving. He had an office manager for four months but he let her go in March for 'too many mistakes'. My boss has been a bit "non committal" about replacing them, and I'm worried their duties may end up being mine if I'm up to speed by the time they work their notice.

Friday afternoon I got a telephone call from another role I'd applied for within the public sector, offering me the role, and I'm tempted to take it but feel guilty. I think the atmosphere would be more relaxed, although the job title is less 'status' - just 'Administrator'. The start date is early June.

The travel distances are the same, role number one is 1,500 more per year but role number two is less hours (40hrs v 35hrs), so on an hourly rate, role two pays more. Role one is a permanent role, while role two is a contract but likely (but not definitely) to be renewed.

OH thinks I should continue with role one as I've already started. A friend suggested I take the second role, as the public sector offers flexitime, a pension and better benefits.

LitteRedSparkle Sat 07-May-16 20:00:13

Title doesnt really mean much if you want to be happy in your role, i;d be happy with 'chief toilet washer' if you get what i mean

what is your gut feeling telling you? from what you have written, it seems like you are concerned that 3 people are leaving and you think their roles will be yours as well soon

what is the size of the company?

TomTomKitten Sat 07-May-16 21:34:35

I guess it depends on what the public sector role entails. I've had quite a few high flying PA roles and ended up doing an admin job in public sector. It was absolutely horrendous. Flexi time was brilliant but there was far too much work for one person. I left after three months

Karoleann Sat 07-May-16 23:08:35

I'd go for the less hours, especially as you're still not 100%

PaniWahine Sat 07-May-16 23:56:49

The private company has 33 staff (f/t, p/t and contractors) - it's a newish company, operating for five years and there are lots of investors, so it seems from the outside to be well funded. The boss is a bit of a Richard Branson type, lots of fingers in different pies etc.

The public sector role is within an investment /funding body. It's generally updating databases and project plans, attending meetings and minutes, verifying information submitted by applicants and correspondence. There's also a bit of communication element updating senior government officials and writing summary reports. I did a month long temporary assignment six years ago for the organisation, in a different team, and there seemed to be a 'twiddling your thumbs' element; the assignment was supposed to last six weeks but I ploughed through the work too fast hmm

TomTomKitten Sun 08-May-16 08:36:17

Well, I also did a six month contract in 2006 in a similar organisation but higher level role. It was bliss. Got out of work every night on time, fantastic boss, nice team, etc. etc...

Fast forward to last year I ended up working for only slightly more money in a lower level business support role supporting three heads of service. It was a million miles apart from the first role.

The landscape of public sector has changed. Budgets have been squeezed and there are far fewer people doing more work.

You won't know unless you take the plunge but be aware it may be no better than where you are.

yorkshapudding Mon 09-May-16 15:02:38

I would be reluctant to give up a permanent post for a fixed term one but that's just personal preference.

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