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Really don't want to go back

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slgsue1979 Tue 03-May-16 06:41:45

Hi all. I am after some advice and opinions please, positive or negative it will need good to get an idea if it is just me being over the top!
I started my job 6months ago and literally dread going to work, DH thought I was having a panic attack the other day. I am going to see my GP as I am worried about my health (not just because of this job)
To cut a long story short, the actual work is fine no problems there at all but some of the staff are awful and make you feel useless if they bother to speak to you, uncomfortable and are just outright horrible. I work long days so if I have to work with these people it makes my shift feel like it has doubled in length and I just want to find a corner to hide in and cry. It is very lonely.
Anyway I have decided to leave and am currently job hunting with an interview imminent and also have 8 days off which has heightened my mood! Anyway I am not the only person who feels like this another girl who started the same time as me is leaving next week for many of the same reasons which saddens me on a selfish level as she is lovely and I will miss her. People have said to look at other departments but speaking to another good friend it's just the same. They only managed a month before the atmosphere took its toll and they walked out, luckily for them they have their own business they can work on.
My question is do I tell them the true reason for leaving when I hand in my notice which will be soon regardless of interview outcome as I have been offered temporary work if needed, or do I just send in bog standard thank you for opportunity etc resignation.
The company take on large numbers of new starters quite frequently presumably down to the high turnover. I wonder if they would actually take notice.

MrsJamin Tue 03-May-16 06:52:20

Definitely not at handing in your notice, as you'll still have to work out your notice. One your last day or week you could ask for an exit interview which you can be candid about why you are leaving. If they don't do one, the obviously don't care and that's their own problem! Good luck for your job applications.

slgsue1979 Tue 03-May-16 10:36:01

Thank you I will do that. I thought it was just the department is am in but it appears to be across the board so in a way makes me feel better. Got called today for another interview so fingers crossed I won't have to be there for long!

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