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Submission of health history to employer via private health insurance form

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jellybeans22 Sun 01-May-16 10:36:06

I've got a new job which I am really pleased about and the benefits include private health insurance. HR has sent me a form from the private health insurer to complete and return to HR for forwarding to the health insurer. On the form I need to declare past and present health issues which include depression for which I am still receiving treatment.

I assume HR is not supposed to look at my form, or disclose any details on it, but its a small firm and I am worried that one of the directors who I will be reporting to and works quite closely with HR will see the form (e.g. if he signs off the letter to the insurer).

I'd prefer not lie on the firm by omitting depression (as I assume that would run the risk of invalidating my health insurance) but in case its relevant I have no intention of claiming privately for my depression treatment.

I am rather nervous about giving the form to HR in case of who sees it. Is there a way around this? I guess I could send it directly to the health insurer but I have no reference number for the firm's health scheme and it might look a bit odd when I have been specifically asked to return the form to HR?

Any thoughts on what to do?

24balloons Wed 04-May-16 20:10:50

I think you need to declare it on the form.

Long term depression is considered a disability and covered by the equality act. I'm amazed they haven't asked if you have any disabilities so they can make reasonable adjustments. The job I'm in now had several forms to complete before starting & made it quite clear if disabilities aren't disclosed you couldn't then claim discrimination in the future. They wouldn't be able to withdraw the job now for disclosing as that would be discrimination.

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