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Argh CCV deducted from SMP - please help

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LittleYellowPillow Fri 29-Apr-16 21:10:13

My employer has deducted CCV from my SMP over the last 3 months. I contacted them and they said they will refund it in May but I'm worried now I will get taxed on that pay month?

They are being decidedly unhelpful so can anyone advise?

Thank you

Move2WY Fri 29-Apr-16 21:13:17

It is very very simple for them to seperate it as untaxed income. However, SMP is still taxable so you will only ever actually pay what you should anyway as it depends on tour annual earnings.

trilbydoll Fri 29-Apr-16 21:13:58

They should put it through as non taxable.

However, they don't have to pay them anymore, someone took their employer to court and it's gone spectacularly wrong.

LittleYellowPillow Fri 29-Apr-16 21:17:05

Wow that's interesting - that article suggests many employers may pull the paying of CCV when on SMP.

Ok I will email payroll and check they are putting it through non taxable if applicable

Thank you!

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