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Pregnant, long hours and attitude

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jemimiapuddleduck13 Wed 27-Apr-16 12:33:01

Hi there, I'm 9 weeks pregnant (finally after 4 years of trying, a molar and an ectopic pregnancy) and having issues at work. Since telling my bosses their attitude towards me had changed. Short, snappy and generally I feel like I'm a bother. They've also increased my hours to 48+ (possibly 54 this week) over 6/7 days a week and early am and late pm split shifts. I'm exhausted. They've also neglected to carry out a risk assessment. I'm a high risk case due to blood pressure, bmi and previous miscarriages. I'm just looking for any advice you can give. I'm finding that I just feel miserable and I don't want or need the stress as I worry enough as it is.

birchygoo Wed 27-Apr-16 18:56:16

Can you ask the doctor to sign you of on stress, for pregnancy related stress, sickness I mean. You and baby need to come number 1 at the minute. Pregnancy illness also can't be counted towards normal sick days (at least in my work) sorry they are being shit heads! Could you also maybe request a risk assessment and be quite firm about what you can/cannot do. It might be easier to stand up to them if thinking about it for your child's sake rather than you feeling tired. Sorry I haven't been much help - hope it resolves quickly for you

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