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change jobs? I'm getting that itchy feet feeling again!

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chocdonutyy Wed 27-Apr-16 08:51:14

I'm 37 and currently in the longest job I have been in - 5 years!
Well sort of, I'm in the same company and building just a different dept, I moved due to job insecurity within the last department and took a small pay cut to transfer to another dept.
The work is totally different, more physical than mentally challenging, which is fine, People are great, the job is hard but this maybe just due to me getting to grips with the role, I had my first verbal warning the other day for not getting stuff done on time so kind of wondering if its really for me or I need more time to get into it.
Being there 5 years gives me good security as in redundancy, holidays ect plus its local and being a supermarket I get a good discount and as its practically the only supermarket I can get to easily this has to be a bonus!
So why am I thinking of moving? There's a few retail jobs going up in the town, walk-able distance (I don't have a car) possibly better hours.
I guess its a case of my head says I should stay but my heart wants to go.
There's a job going at primark which I'm going to apply for later, I found it last night but they need a CV, not written one for a while so it may take some time!
Has anyone else thought like this and has it worked out for the better or worse?

digitaldoughmad Thu 19-May-16 13:16:09

I can see why your head says stay, but why does your heart say go? How long have you been in the new role?

I'm 32 and longest jobs I've had have been 3 years each - one of those stints was actually two roles with the same employer, and I'm about to move on to a third role with them. I'm a big fan of moving within the same company, if you like the company. But that's just me smile

Bree85 Fri 20-May-16 17:34:29

Just listen to your heart. Go for what makes you happy. You can find jobs anywhere. Find the ones that makes you happy.

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