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Communication issues at wirk

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Himalayanrock Mon 25-Apr-16 23:44:17

Hi. I did night shifts over the weekend and last night had a communication issue with my senior.
I was asked to do something urgently , he asked if the job could be brought to us, I asked them this opinion the phone with my senior sitting next to me, but they said no you must come to us. I asked my senior did he want to speak with them on the phone, he said no, if they wanted him, their senior must speak to him and call him separately. I said they said we had to go, senior said he is not going. I went alone, then called for advice.
Later, In the morning, he was annoyed and said that the colleague asking me was wrong and taking advantage, but also said I ' took my own decision to go down there , and if another job had been put off in its place which had then been urgent/ serious, that would be wrong.' I was then quite worried as I had not understood from him I was NOT to go, but that he was not going himself. In my opinion he should have agreed to speak on the phone with the person requesting my presence, and by walking off and saying he wasn't going I was under the impression I had to go alone.
I find it difficult to understand his instructions/ plans and this is partly due to he has second language English and partly cultural differences.
I went to the urgent call as that is what I understood I have to do by duty, feel if he didn't want me to he should have acted as senior and told them what to do/ clearly told me what to do.
Now I feel there is a bit of friction, and also I think if he reports it to his senior, he would say he clearly told me not to go... But I didn't think that at the time.
What, if anything should I do? I can discuss with the boss I suppose, to check protocol ( we have a protocol which states we must attend this type of event, usually together) not sure if there is a need. Should I just take it as a learning incident.
There is another senior who is from the same area and I find her also really difficult to communicate with..but that is probably again part language, part culture and I wouldn't like to bring that up but it's frustrating to not be clear what we are expected to do.
As I am the junior here, and have now been told I shouldn't have gone, I am now concerned and upset about this.

Himalayanrock Mon 25-Apr-16 23:59:08

So just to clarify the start of the story, I took a phone call from another colleague asking me to attend a nearly dept ..a place where we go to all the time but not own own hub area if that makes this point taking the call, my senior was sitting next to me but did not want to take the call.

Himalayanrock Tue 26-Apr-16 00:40:23


Gazelda Tue 26-Apr-16 08:06:39

I'm afraid I'm finding it quite difficult to understand the situation here, but it seems to me that you assumed he expected you to do X which you then did. Later on he told you that you shouldn't have.

I think that in this instance, just put it behind you, don't dwell on it. But in future, make sure you clarify with your senior what actions they expect you to take if something comes up which takes you away from your normal duties/routine.

Pass the decision back to them to make. If they make the wrong decision, it's for them to take the consequences.

Himalayanrock Tue 26-Apr-16 11:18:50

Yes I think that's true.

I was called by a colleague to do something urgently . I asked for my seniors advice who was sitting next to me. My senior said could this job be brought safely to us instead of us going there( down a corridor) but the referring colleague insisted this was not safe. I asked my senior would he speak with the referrer himself he said no and left the room. I asked the referrer again and he insisted this was not possible. I went to find my senior again and said the referrer says we must go. My senior replied he was not going to go. He was getting impatient and did not appear to want to discuss it any more. I said ok Shall I go down then. He did not say don't go.

Later in the shift at 6 am he commented that the referrer was in the wrong and was expecting too much, he also commented that if I left to do this work, other work could fall behind. I explained I had misunderstood... knew he wasn't going but thought as the protocol stated I had to go ( from the bosses) that I must go alone. He had not said to me' do not go'. He did not say ' tell them your senior says this job must be sent to us and he takes full responsibility for that'. And since they were refusing to send the job, it could become dangerous to not do anything.

Sorry if still not clear, I can't state all of the details just the communication ones.

I will mention this to my line manager( the boss of both of us) just to say the communication between us was not clear and next time I will say , ' what is your decision that I shall do'. I do find it hard to understand him at times.

Himalayanrock Tue 26-Apr-16 21:45:42


Himalayanrock Mon 09-May-16 23:51:09

Update.. This colleague approached me a couple of days ago and asked if he could apologise to me as he had ' been talking nonsense in the middle of the night ' , thanked me for all of my help and said he had updated the bosses on my good work!
Not sure what precipitated this, but he said he had been feeling guilty.

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